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Tasting notes are a tremendous way to 'get to know' each Cave B Estate wine, tasting is of course even better. Enjoy a brief reading of the notes from our Winemaker Freddy Arredondo below and the full notes in our online store section – click on the wine name in red to be linked to our online store. We are happy to take your orders and have them ready for you to pick up at either our Quincy or Woodinville locations and invite you to place your online shipping orders this fall as the temperatures drops we will start shipping again - thank you!


2012 Aventura

The Cave B Aventura (Spanish and Italian for adventure) is a wine that I look at as an adventure for both you as a wine enthusiast and myself as a winemaker. This 2012 Aventura vintage was made wine with native yeast fermentation. We let Mother Nature take hold and ferment the wine with the natural yeast present on the grapes. It is a blend of 75% Syrah and 25%Merlot. The nose offers complex aromas of mixed berry compote, sweet tobacco leaves, and red vines licorice. On the palate there is a nice acidity that makes this wine a wonderful companion to food.


2012 Barbera

The 2012 Cave B vintage of Barbera gives and initial impression of nicely worn saddle leather on the nose moving into aromas of cracked black pepper, spiced fig compote and macerated cassis berries. As the wine sits in the glass it continues to evolve showing that the wine will continue to evolve as time goes on in the bottle. Balanced, with a acidity, innate to Barbera, and lush describe the palate with fruit coming from cassis of course but also ripe Bing cherries and a hint of dark plum.

Cabernet Franc

2011 Cabernet Franc: Gold Seattle Wine Awards

Our 2011 vintage of Cabernet Franc starts out more earthy than fruity. The final impression on the nose offers just a whisper of spearmint. The texture on the palate is beautifully integrated with a wonderful tannin acid balance offers some nice complexity with a lush mid-palate mouth feel.

Cabernet Sauvignon

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon: Gold North Central Wine Awards

The cool 2011 vintage was a challenge but the results are wonderful now and will age even better. The nose commences with earth notes of roasted chestnuts followed by wild huckleberry, pie cherries and pomegranate and the palate then takes on juniper berry, hints of red licorice and you can't help but let out a sign - delicious! The 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon is just waiting for you to give it a try.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Old Vines (Roman numeral series)

2011 Cave B XXVI Cabernet Sauvignon: Medal Winner North Central WA Wine Awards

Our fourth installment of an “old vines” Cabernet Sauvignon is really something quite special. The palate is elegance on your tongue! Not over the top in any direction. It is smooth and integrated throughout. Tart pie cherries, with nuances of leather, fresh figs and spice contribute to the beautiful balance of tannins and acids on the finish.

Caveman Red

2012 Caveman Red

Our Caveman Red has become a big favorite for our Cave B Wine fans. Filled with beautiful spicy notes on the aroma, cinnamon, nutmeg, a hint of cocoa nibs and wonderfully integrated oak mingle with the smell of a cherry rhubarb pie filling. The palate is smooth and lush with well integrated oak and tannin along with a nicely balanced acidity making this wine very food-friendly. Fruit on the palate presents itself with flavors of dried cherries and smoky grilled figs.

Cuvée du Soleil

2011 Cuvée du Soleil: Medal Winner North Central WA Wine Awards

The 2011 vintage of our Cuvée du Soleil represents some of the very best of what we have in our cellar. This is 338% Cabernet Sauvignon, 31% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc, 8% Petit Verdox and 8% Malbec. This wine will age wonderfully, terrific now but set some aside for later!


2012 Malbec

2012 was a tremendous year for Washington State red grapes and our Malbec is certainly no exception. With a 20% addition of Merlot from our 27 year old Merlot vineyard our Malbec is a wine with a beautiful complexity. The nose is a true bevy of aromas with earthy bits of cracked black pepper, and leather, then wonderful Juniper berry spice, dried mission figs, ripe plums, and macerated black berries finish with a hint of black tea. The palate offers every bit of what was encountered on the nose but black tea takes the lead as you sip and transition into the fruit and spice, finishing with black pepper.


2011 Merlot

It’s all about the “Merlove”! A well-made Merlot is truly a thing of beauty. They offer earth and spice to complement the beautiful fruit notes in the wine. Our 2011 Merlot initiates with aromas of leather laced Medjool dates. The fruit on the nose is reminiscent of pie cherries, cranberries, and fresh pomegranate juice. Then pie spice moves in with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and just a whisper of all spice. The flavors offer up leather and spice acting as book ends on the attack and the finish, with the fruit notes of cherries and cranberries dancing around on the mid-palate. This wine offers beautiful structure and is ready to drink now or can be aged for a number of years.

Merlot – Old Vines (Roman numeral series)

2011 XXVI Merlot: Gold North Central WA Wine Awards

The floral notes on the nose of this wine are tremendous. They are sweet and savory and everything in between. Even with the challenge of a cool growing season they managed to give the fruit a depth and complexity found in few wines from the 2011 vintage. Flavors of tamarind, bakers cocoa, and dried blueberries perfectly compliment the ripe tannin structure on the palate.

Order of the Cave

Order of the Cave

This Bordeaux blend is made exclusively for our wine club members. Limited quantities of our 2009 vintage of the Order of the Cave are still available. The 2010 vintage is wonderful now and a sure bet to be even better if you can set aside a bottle or two and wait a few years. We released the 2011 vintage of the Order of the Cave in February 2014 with our winemaker encouraging us to lay it down and wait. Now it is 1.5 years later and WOW, you can hold it but soooo good now. We have a limited number of cases left. It starts off rich on the nose, even a bit Jammy, which is surprising for a wine made from the cool 2011 vintage. The palate certainly speaks to the cool vintage of 2011 with appropriate elegance and austerity. It has beautiful elegance and depth filled with seamlessly integrated acids and tannins. This wine is certainly built to age.


2012 Sangiovese

The 2012 Sangiovese starts off with some beautifully earthy aromas. The fruit notes on the nose reflect the bright red aromas of fresh cranberries and raspberries. The wonderfully integrated acidity of this wine speaks to its central Italian roots. Hints of black tea add to the earthy bits that come back for an encore on the palate. The wine opens up on the palate with bright flavors of cranberries and fresh raspberries accompanied with tart pie cherries adding to the crisp flavors of this elegantly lighter bodied red wine. Named one of Washington's Top 50 wines by the Seattle Times!



The Cave B 2012 Syrah continues to be made in the style that is more lean and austere than what is found in many Washington Syrah’s. A 5% addition of Viognier grapes, added at the must stage, was fermented together with the Syrah. This addition offered a bit of florality to the nose and deepened the color extraction. The nose commences with a sweet spicy aroma of coriander seed moving into white pepper then red licorice, fresh plums, fresh blackberries, and floral notes, finishing with a hint of fig and light barrel toast. The palate offers food loving acidity, balanced with the fruit and spice notes that were on the nose. Tannins are present in perfect harmony with the acidity and alcohol, elegantly coating the palate.


2012 Tempranillo

2012 Tempranillo commences with an earthiness that shows a subtle smokiness. The fruit is expressed as fresh raspberries and cherry fruit leather. There is a hint of earl grey tea on the nose that accents the fruit notes nicely. On the palate this vintage is beautifully creamy and well balanced. Commencing with a hint of anise, cherry fruit leather and hibiscus flowers offer the finishing touches. (Hibiscus is a flavor similar to cranberry but is lighter and has a sweet floral aspect).