Cave B Wine Club



The Cave B Estate Winery Wine Club is very popular and a ton of fun, with a wide variety of events throughout the year and a large range of club levels to choose from to fit your needs. There is something for everyone whether you are just starting out on your wine journey or you are a seasoned professional.

We invite you to take a look at our Club Level Matrix to compare club levels side by side and then click on a club level in our wine trail of photos for the level you would like to learn more about with an option to join our engaging club. Discover is our beginning level and Indulge is our premium level.


Picking the right club that fits your lifestyle is important, so we offer many choices for you to choose from, but if you have questions on where you should start please contact our new Wine Club Manager Jayney Evenson 509-785-3500, ext.2, or . You can always move up or down a club level if needed during your membership. A one year membership is required. Sign up is free.

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